Introduction My main points: Hubris Confidence Betrayal Tyranny Friendship Power Middle My theories: Hubris lead them both to failure They were BOTH tyrants deep down They were both subject to betrayal BOTH power hungry Too much confidence with themselves Conclusion My summary paragraph: In conclusion I believe that there are many similarities between Julius Caesar […]

Juilius Caesar starts with a scene of class fighting, the plebeians versus the tribunes. The plebeians are celebrating Caesar’s victory over the sons of Pompey, one of the former leaders of Rome. The tribunes verbally attack the masses for their fickleness in celebrating the defeat of a man who was once their leader. Caesar enters […]

Dear Headmaster, I believe that opening hours of the school must change.The reason I believe this because there are many points,that i will explain, which show that later opening hours will have a positive outcomes for the school. My first point is that later school opening hours will improve our focuss. In my own experiences […]

Aguement against  When your sixteen many important challenges in life occur. These are things like picking up your siblings from school,getting a job doing your GCSEs etc.Given them the votes simply just piles up the pressure, and isn’t that what teenagers are always complaining about? They always say we have to much pressure,too much work,no […]

Riyadh soliloquy a from Joel North on Vimeo.

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway